About the Vaad

About the Vaad

The Vaad Hakashruth of Kansas City (“the Vaad”) is a 501(c)3 religious tax-exempt organization, founded in 1994 by concerned kosher-observant people in the community who saw the need for an improved level of kosher supervision and a desire for additional supervised kosher food options.

Our Purpose

The Vaad Hakashruth of Kansas City is a community service organization whose mission is the maintenance of a high level of Kosher supervision. It is composed of rabbinic and lay leaders providing kosher certification, supervision, education, and inspection for caterers, wholesale and retail food vendors, and food production companies in the Kansas City area and the Midwest.

Who We Are

Rabbi Daniel Rockoff is Rav HaMachshir, Rabbi Herbert Mandl is Rabbinic Chairperson and Karen Pack serves as President. The Rav Hamachshir is the halachic or legal authority on kashruth issues, defining policy as per kashruth standards to be upheld by the Vaad, and is consulted on specific Jewish legal issues as they arise.

Day-to-day operations are overseen by Rabbi Mendel Segal, Executive Director/Rabbinic Coordinator.

For more information and a complete list of our Board of Directors, visit www.vaadkc.org.


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